Greetings and Salutations from Lockdown 2020!

I’d have thought this would be a quiet time and yet, I’ve had some amazing musical experiences I’d like to share!  For starters, Easter Sunday I had the privilege of joining the ever-plucky choir of the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, and their equally groovy director Jason Jestad for a virtual musical gathering.  It was profound, joyful, and inspired.

Why am I bringing this up now?  Onnacountaforcausewhy I’m including our video in the upcoming virtual gig at the Ankara International Jazz Festival!  Obviously, I can’t be there in-person, but thanks to the wonderful organizers (thank you Özlem!) a bunch of us are gathering online to bring the festival to the rest of the world!  So Kevin Barrett and I pooled our technologies and music and made a set for the festival.

I can only imagine how everyone is feeling right now… the world is just plain weird and scary.  But I truly believe that communities creating art can knit the world back together – we all have that ability – we all have that gift.  So whether your art is music or verse or a beautiful garden or a great recipe for cookies, reach out and share.  This is a storm we will best weather together.

Be Well,

Monday, May 4th
The 24th International Ankara Jazz Festival
Caz Derneği | Jazz Society of Turkey

Via YouTube
@AnkaraCazFest on Facebook
@AnkaraCazFest on Twitter
10:30 p.m.  TRT [Turkey, GMT+3]
03:30 p.m.  EDT [Montréal/Toronto/NY, GMT-4]
12:30 p.m.  PDT [Vancouver/LA, GMT-7]

NOTE:  The performance should remain on the festival’s channel at least as long as it runs (April 30 to May 10).

Julie Michels and Kevin Barrett

Anyone who knows me knows that I choose my partners-in-music with care.  It isn’t simply playing well, it’s the ability to work together with a flow of intention and grace.  Kevin Barrett falls into this company effortlessly.

This new festival in Turkey is themed on Democracy and Freedom in Jazz.  I am absolutely thrilled to be participating with my friend, Kevin!

The Chair of Jazz Society of Turkey, and Festival Curator Özlem Oktar Varoğlu states:  “We think that jazz is a democratic form of art.”  This phrase speaks straight to my heart.

We don’t have to deal with traffic or seating reservations, we can sit back and listen to musicians from around the world, rejoice and commune in our respective places of isolation to create a world collaboration – please join us!

Visit the festival’s YouTube Channel to watch and listen until May 10th.

The themes of the festival are:
#DemocracyinJazz  and:

You can also go to the festival program to see all of the acts and when they’re on.  Just click on an act to get their page, then click ‘watch’.  Acts won’t be viewable until their scheduled broadcast, but once they’ve aired the should be available for at least the run of the festival, perhaps longer.  So if you miss me on Monday, you can enjoy later!