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Summer's here and loads going on. Come on out for some summer fun -- would love to see you.

Live Shows

Friday, September 15th
The Kensington Market Jazz Festival
159 Augusta, Toronto
9 p.m – 10 p.m.
$22 Cash only at the door, no advance tix

George Koller is a bassist, I am a singer – wanna' guess what happens when we get together? AMAZING things!

Sunday, September 17th
Jazz Vespers
The Metropolitan Community Church
115 Simpson Ave, Toronto
4 p.m. – 5 p.m.
No Cover

Julie Michels Ensemble featuring Michael Shan, Ross MacIntyre, and Jamie Drake
Anybody who knows me knows how much I love to sing at MCCT with Diane Leah and the wonderful choir. Its community and principles speak to me at a very personal level. But Jazz Vespers is a whole 'nuther facet to this jewel, and on the 17th I get to have some of Canada's finest musical souls join me in this celebration of music and spirit. I hope you can join me too!

Thursday, September 21st
Play the Parks
McGill Granby Parkette
9 McGill Street, Toronto, ON
5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
No Cover

Julie Michels and Kevin LaLiberte
Join Kevin LaLiberte and I for our own crazed take on Jazz, Latin, and anything else that comes to our minds in the lovely McGill Granby Parkette!

2017 Live Show Roster
July 27, Kincardine Summer Music Festival, Broadsway
July 6, 18, 120 Diner, Toronto
June 1, 120 Diner, Toronto
May 25, 120 Diner, Toronto
May, 8 Artword Artbar
March 26, Jazz Tales Festival, Cairo

2016 Live Show Roster
April 23, Festival Japan, Toronto
March, Jazz Tales Festival, Egypt
March 2, 120 Diner, Toronto
Feb 2, 120 Diner, Toronto
January 13 &14, The Jazz Bistro, Toronto
December 16, Old Mill, Toronto
December 3, Aeolian Hall, London,
December 2, MCC, Toronto
December 1, 120 Diner, Toronto
Nov 20, Handlebar
Nov 4, 120 Diner
Oct 6, 120 Diner
September 22, 23rd, 24th, The Jazz Bistro, Toronto
Sept 1, The Jazz Bistro, Toronto
Jul 23-24, 120 Diner
March 20, Hugh's Room
March 19, Tudor Hall, Ottawa
March 6, 120 Diner
February 27, Jambo Jam 3, MCC
February 26, 120 Diner, Toronto
January 22, 120 Diner, Toronto
January 6, Richard Bradshaw Amphitheater

2015 Live Show Roster
December 10, 11, The Jazz Bistro
Nov 20, 21st, The Jazz Bistro
Nov 11, 120 Diner, Toronto
July 25, Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre
July 24, Cork's Wine Bar & Restaurant
June 18, The 120 Diner
March 12, The Home Smith Jazz Bar
March 8, Performing Arts Lakefield
March 7, Royal Botanical Gardens – The Jazz Brunch Series
February 19, Screening at Carlton Cinema, Toronto, Ontario
February 14, The Jazz Room, Waterloo, Ontario
February 13, Broadsway, Aeolian Hall, London, Ontario
January 18, Broadsway, The Metropolitan Room, New York, NY
January 11, Broadsway, The Salon, New York, NY
January 10, The Harlem Suite, New York, NY
January 8, The Zinc Bar, New York, NY

2014 Live Show Roster
January 23/24 Broadsway, Flying Beaver Pubaret, Toronto
January/10 Harlem Nights Showcase, New York, NY
January/12 Harlem Nights Showcase, New York, NY
January/16 Ritz Carlton, Toronto, ON
January/17–21 Haiti International Jazz Festival, Port-aux-Prince, Haiti
January/24 Broadsway, Heartlake United ChurchBrampton, ON
January/31 Corkskrew on College, Toronto, ON
February/09 Horticultural Gardens, Brampton, ON
February/20 Broadsway, JazzFM Caberet
February/21 Broadsway, Milton Centre for the Performing Arts Milton, ON
March/07 Corkskrew on College, Toronto, ON
March/13 Bloom Restaurant, Toronto, ON
March/21 Broadsway, Orillia Arts Centre, Orillia, ON
March/29 Broadsway, Jazz Bistro, Toronto, ON
April/11 Corkskrew on College, Toronto, ON
April/26 The Bremen University of the Arts, Bremen, Germany
May/12 Broadsway, Event Honouring Jackie Richardson and Shirley Douglas, Toronto, ON
May/25 Jazz Bistro, Toronto, ON
June/19 Corkskrew on College, Toronto, ON
June/27 Toronto International PRIDE Celebration, Concert Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON
June/27 Broadsway Toronto Jazz Festival/PRIDE Concert, Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto, ON
June/29 Toronto International PRIDE Sunday celebration, Toronto, ON
July/04 Broadsway, Midland Arts Centre, Midland, ON
July/12 Hildebrand Jazz Festival, Niagara, ON
July/23 Burlington Botanical Gardens, Burlington, ON
July/26 Broadsway, Stratford Arts and Music Festival, Stratford, ON
Aug/14 Broadsway, Port Carling Arts Centre,Gravenhurst, ON
Aug/24 JazzWorks, Toronto, ON
Sept/07 Metropolitan Community Church, Toronto, ON
Sept/13 Zinc Bar, New York, NY
Sept/14 Big Funk, Ridgewood Jazz Festival, Ridgewood, NJ
Sept/15 Julie Michels' Ensemble w/Itimar Barochov, Zinc Bar, NY
Sept/27 Broadsway, Flying Beaver, Toronto
Oct/18 Broadsway, St. Andrew's Church, Markham, On
Oct/26 Broadsway, Global Cabaret Festival, Toronto,
Oct/30 The Emily Carr Suite - Premier, McMichael Gallery, Kleinburg, ON
Nov/01 Broadsway, Centre for the Arts, Ancaster, ON
Novr/08 Don Franks and Friends, Young Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto
Nov/15 Broadsway, Runnymede United, Toronto
Nov/17 Broadsway, The Metropolitan Room, New York
Nov/29, Broadsway, Jazz Bistro, Toronto

January/07 Braden-Michels, JEN Conference, Atlanta, GA
January/13 Braden-Michels, APAP, New York
January/17 Broadsway, The Old Mill, Toronto
January/24 Broadsway, CAPACOA, Toronto
February/03 MCCT, Toronto
February/28 Flying Beaver,Toronto
March/01 Broadsway, Flying Beaver, Toronto
March/02 Broadsway, Flying Beaver, Toronto
March/01 Julie Michels/George Koller, St. Phillips United Church,Toronto
March/19 Hugh's Room, Toronto
March/28 Vexed, Flying Beaver, Toronto
April/06 Broadsway,Meadowvale Performing Arts Centre, Meadowvale
April/26 JM/Kevin Barrett, Cystic Fibrosis Gala, Windsor, ON
May/02 Broadsway, Home Smith, Toronto
May/11 JM/Heather Bambrick, JazzFM Concert, Toronto
May/23 Vexed, Flying Beaver, Toronto
May/26 MCCT, Toronto
May/30 Lula Lounge, Toronto
June/07 Broadsway, Flying Beaver, Toronto
June/08 Broadsway, Flying Beaver, Toronto
June/15 Flying Beaver, Toronto
June/19 Broadsway, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto
July/19 JM/Kevin Barrett, Hart House, U of T, Toronto
July/20 JM/Kevin Barrett , Rue Pigalle, Toronto
July/24 Broadsway, Rosedale Untited Church, Toronto
July/25 Flying Beaver, Toronto
August/1-3 Broadsway, Jazz Bistro, Toronto
August/04 Broadsway, MCCT, Toronto
August/15–18 azzWorks Jazz Camp, The Laurentians, Quebec
September/05 Broadsway, Flying Beaver, Toronto
October/04 Broadsway, Kirkland Lake Arts Centre, Kirkland Lake, ON
October/09 JM/Koller/ Restivo, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto
October/19 JM/Kevin Barrett, Merrickville Jazz Festival, Merrickville, ON
October/24 Flying Beaver, Toronto, ON
November/01 Broadsway,Stratford Cabaret Fest,Stratford, ON
November/08 JM/Kevin Barrett, Habits Pub, Toronto
November/28 JM/Dave Restivo, Flying Beaver, Toronto
December/06 JEN Conference, Toronto
December/12–14 Broadsway, Flying Beaver, Toronto
December/20, JM, TD Bank – Main Branch, Toronto
December/28, JM/Kevin Barrett, Corkskrew on College,Toronto
September/08, JM/Kevin La Liberte, Flying Beaver, Toronto, ON
December/08, Jordan Klapman, Solare Cafe, Port Hope, ON
August/15–18, JM, JazzWorks Jazz Camp, Toronto, ON
August/01, JM/Adrean Farrugia, Flying Beaver, Toronto, ON
September/16, George Koller/Dave Restivo, # 9 Studio, Toronto, ON
September/21, The Prine Shrine, Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON
September/27, Konrad Pluta, Flying Beaver, Toronto, ON
September/29, Broadsway, MCCT, Toronto, ON
October/13, Broadsway, Can West Global Caberet Fest, Toronto, ON
October/21, Broadsway, MCCT, Toronto, ON
October/13, Broadsway, Ontario Contact Showcase, Kitchener, ON
October/28, JM, Palais Royale, Toronto, ON
November/07, Broadsway, 4 Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, ON
September/16, JM/Kevin Barrett, ROM, Toronto, ON
November/16, Braden-Michels, CD Release, Brenda's Gallery, Ottawa, ON
November/18, Braden-Michels CD Release, Sororen Gallery, Toronto, ON
November/22, Vexed, Flying Beaver, Toronto, ON
December/06, JM – Jazz FM Gala Lula Lounge, Toronto, ON
December/07, Broadsway, Flying Beaver, Toronto, ON
December/08, Broadsway, Flying Beaver, Toronto, ON
December/27, Vexed, Flying Beaver, Toronto, ON