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Come Together: The Don Braden Julie Michels Project Don Bradon and I were joined by the shining pianistic and arranging talents of Dave Restivio, bassist par excellence, Kieran Overs, and magic drummer, Daniel Barnes in the making of this wonderfully joyful musical experience.

“Don and Julie prove to be an outstanding couple.  Love her sassy style especially on ‘Come Together’ “ Rashad MuhaiminWSHA Raliegh, NC

“Bradon’s sax sounds great as he accompanies Julie Michels on vocals.  They bring a breath of fresh air to their interpretations of some of the classic tunes of our generation."  Kim Linzy – KUNV – Las Vegas

“..high octane, soulful Jazz, filled with exciting twists, turns..” ,  The Spill Magazine, Toronto




Bass and Voice: George Koller & Julie Michels It took almost 16 years to get the chance to make another recording with George Koller and his lovely bass, Sandra, but it was worth it – it's a beautiful CD. Recorded at Glenn Gould studio in Toronto, where we had our first CD launch, all those years ago.

"...these are terrific musicians... but it's their unconventionality that makes them such a winning combination. Their performances tend to be larger than life" Mark Miller, Globe and Mail

"Repertoire and musicianship was first class...a wonderful evening of music" Jacques Emond, Director, Ottawa Jazz Festival

"Risky, imaginative, fresh, and fun loving" Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal

"These true originals, big voice and big bass, make marvelous music from their exotic risk-taking... Koller thrusts and emotes all over his bass, conversing flexibly with Michels' power pipes....this bold, entertaining duo is ready to charge in any direction... Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star


She Sings He Plays: Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett Kevin Barrett and I had been playing music together for going on 15 years or so by the time this CD came out. We took our time making it, recording at Kevin's studio and making sure that the integrity of each piece was upheld. The arrangements were the combinations of our discussions and the magic that happens in a studio when folks really trust and enjoy making music together. I'm so proud of this work and love to listen to the collaborations. It's a pleasure!


Live at Statler’s: Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett Kevin Barrett has the distinction of being both one helluva solo guitarist and one of the best accompanying musicians I've ever worked with. For years, we had a residency at a little bar in Toronto called Statler's. It was cosy and warm and just crazy enough that we could call it our musical home. When we recorded this there, the room was filled with our friends and comrades and it was a singularly lovely afternoon I'll never forget.



Singing Naked: The Koller~Michels Duo Someone once asked me what it was like to sing hard core vocal jazz with only a bassist for accompaniment. I just smiled and said, “...it's like singing naked...” and that's how we got the name for our CD. George isn't only a bassist, he's a phenomenal musician and we flew through the music in the most natural formations. It was and still is, a treat.